(Taco Lover and Founder of the Truck)

Rolando grew up in Monterrey, Mexico in a very traditional Mexican household. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were cooked and served in the house and all made from scratch.

He was born with passion for Mexican food. Rolando moved to Boulder in 1999 at the age of 19 and worked in the restaurant industry to support himself and further his passion. He worked in restaurants as Dagabi Cuccina, Laudissio Ristorante, Baccaro Tavern.  

In 2013, after finishing his internship at Cocoyoc (well known Resort in Morelos, Mexico.) and with 15 years of experience in the food industry, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and launch Tacos del Norte, to bring a little bit of culinary diversity to Boulder.

Belen Diez
(Operations Manager & Owner)

She was born in Madrid, Spain. After a few years living in LA, live brought her to Boulder where she would build a great community and will decide to settle for a while.

With degrees in Business Management and Advertising & Public Relations unexpectedly found really fun to work in the food truck and decided to manage the day a day operations of the truck as the relation with the customers. 

In her “free” time she works helping small businesses with branding and marketing ( 
She loves to dance, to climb & to eat tacos!